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  • verb

Synonyms for forgo

Synonyms for forgo

to let (something) go

Synonyms for forgo

do without or cease to hold or adhere to

be earlier in time

lose ( or lose the right to ( by some error, offense, or crime

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170; thus, the forgone wage contribution is deductible under Sec.
Therefore, the corporation and its shareholders had to report as income the forgone interest on the entire amount of the loan (Roundtree Cotton Co.
1 million net of interest and amortized loan costs and forgone investment income.
In the employment tax (unlike the income tax) setting, the taxpayer can bring suit after paying a portion of the total tax in dispute; the Service has traditionally forgone enforced collection action on the assessed balance (except when collection was jeopardized), pending the outcome of the refund suit.
The 15 largest tax expenditures account for 79% of forgone revenue.