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While my husband donned his go-faster stripes and took the children on a 30km round trip of the local villages on the forgivingly flat roads, I enjoyed a facial and massage, soothing the aches of the car journey.
As he most forgivingly said: "I am not having a kick at the Chronicle.
Yet, three-quarters of a century on, the 83-year-old Pamela writes lovingly and forgivingly of a mother who partied, frolicked and fornicated with abandon - and often left her children for some wild venture.
In the parable of the prodigal son, God, as father, overlooks the protest of the diligent older son and forgivingly welcomes back the prodigal younger son, who returns home penitently after dissipating his fortune.
There are also dissected newborns, almost all male and positioned in a baby Christ-like pose with little arms reaching outwards to embrace and bless and a slightly tilted head gazing down knowingly and forgivingly on the observer and the doll.
She will smile forgivingly at nurses poking her arm for blood.
Tacitus gives this report of Piso coming to Germanicus on the island of Rhodes: "Though aware of Piso's attacks on him, Germanicus behaved so forgivingly that when a storm was driving Piso on to the rocks--so that his death could have been put down to accident--Germanicus sent warships to rescue his enemy.
Of course," replied Sealeo forgivingly (as they munched their kelp sandwiches).
Some are on sandy soils that defeat my wimpy hybrid tyres but most are forgivingly wide lanes meandering through the conifers.
Paradoxically, Anne is able thus forgivingly to revive, and not into the mother whose memory once attached and confined her, but into a heroine who has learned romance with age, precisely because she has adopted some of Dinah's inconstancy.
Contrasting plug-in hybrids to the limited range of earlier electric vehicles, Jackson added, "Next-generation batteries are significantly more powerful and can tolerate discharging and charging much more forgivingly than earlier versions.
The culture itself he viewed forgivingly as vibrant and admirable.
Removed from the gloriously grandiose interiors of Le Vau's enchanting Hotel Lambert on the lie St Louis, the Baron's furniture, works of art and household goods, all 900 lots of them, cut, with few notable exceptions, a rather sorry figure, denuded as they were of their context and the hotel's forgivingly mellow light.