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Synonyms for forgive

Synonyms for forgive

to grant forgiveness to or for

Words related to forgive

stop blaming or grant forgiveness

absolve from payment

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In Enright's model the forgiver moves through four phases: uncovering anger (acknowledging the pain and exploring the injustice), deciding to forgive (exploring forgiveness and making a commitment to work toward forgiveness), working on forgiveness (refraining and developing empathy and compassion for the offender and hearing the pain), and the outcome (healing is experienced) (Freedman, Enright, & Knutson, 200.
Nevertheless, the offering of forgiving love is complete in and of itself even when the forgiver rejects reconciliation with God and when reconciliation is not possible with the other.
Forgiveness is more than how the forgiver feels about the offender (affect) but also how he or she thinks (cognition) and acts (behavior) toward the offender (Enright & Fitzgibbons, 2000; Enright, Gassin, & Wu, 1992; Enright & the Human Development Study Group, 1991).
OPA: In The Dew Breaker, which is really a love story, about fate, it seems to me, about how despite our respective past we can connect, and in a moment of great need, love beyond the wretchedness--the words are not only markers, but also forgivers.
And though Biddle did not say it outright, we can speculate that he had a cure in mind for Fosdickian forgivers and effeminate "Christian" weaklings.
For Jones, we develop our craft as forgivers in a similar fashion.
We are confronted daily, in our own lives, with anti-models as well as models of forgivers.
Looking at our own faults and our spouse's virtues can keep us together, as a happy marriage is a union of two forgivers.
The land of the longest prisoners is a land of great forgivers.