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Synonyms for forgiveness

Synonyms for forgiveness

the act or an instance of forgiving

Synonyms for forgiveness

compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive

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the act of excusing a mistake or offense

References in classic literature ?
What have I ever done to deserve your forgiveness and long-suffering?
And so, judging by my conscience, the criminals we speak of are not worthy of consideration or forgiveness.
Yes, - I had the appearance of extorting a favor; I regret it, and entreat your majesty's forgiveness.
I have my own forgiveness," replied the minister, with some degree of persistence; "but M.
It is Polyneices who has come to crave his father's forgiveness and blessing, knowing by an oracle that victory will fall to the side that Oedipus espouses.
Instead of being hurt, denying, defending himself, begging forgiveness, instead of remaining indifferent even--anything would have been better than what he did do--his face utterly involuntarily (reflex spinal action, reflected Stepan Arkadyevitch, who was fond of physiology)--utterly involuntarily assumed its habitual, good-humored, and therefore idiotic smile.
Forgiveness stole into her heart, and she knew relief until the thought came that in the truest, highest love forgiveness should have no place.
She forgave nothing, for there was nothing requiring forgiveness.
And so, with a mighty show of humility and forgiveness, she folded her hands, and looked round again, with a smile which plainly said, 'If you desire to see the first and foremost among female martyrs, here she is, on view
cried Miggs, turning on the tears again, previous to quitting the room in great emotion, 'I never see such a blessed one as she is for the forgiveness of her spirit, I never, never, never did.
For five minutes or thereabouts, Mrs Varden remained mildly opposed to all her husband's prayers that she would oblige him by taking a day's pleasure, but relenting at length, she suffered herself to be persuaded, and granting him her free forgiveness (the merit whereof, she meekly said, rested with the Manual and not with her), desired that Miggs might come and help her dress.
I bore the mother's forgiveness and blessing to her son in prison; and I carried the solemn assurance of repentance, and his fervent supplication for pardon, to her sick-bed.
No face of welcome, no look of forgiveness, no house to receive, no hand to help him--and this too in the old village.
However, attaining self-forgiveness might be especially difficult because internal, stable, specific, controllable, and humble attributions may inhibit forgiveness of self (Fisher & Exline, 2006; Hall & Fincham, 2005; Tangney et al.
Keeping these arguments for and against forgiveness in mind, Garrard and McNaughton offer for consideration a set of ideas to deal with wrongdoing which do not entail forgiveness or negative emotions.