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in an excusable manner or to an excusable degree

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Drawing extensively on his reading of Wittgenstein's diaries and notebooks, Szabados makes a highly persuasive (if forgivably somewhat repetitive) case for seeing him as one who "perceived philosophical activity as related to autobiography and confession, to temperament and culture, ways of life and art .
So the Tories base their tax policy on this fact (less forgivably, so did New Labour when in power).
51) The church fathers who taught this were forgivably mistaken because they thought they were dealing with non-Christians (unlike the Anabaptists), and the Nicene canons are not articles of faith, so "these we drop.
Thinking that drawing out cross-curricular links is in any way a useful exercise is an all too forgivably easy delusion to fall into.
Punters might forgivably be reluctant, however, to get on the Iraqis at 4-9 when they've only mustered seven shots in total from matches against South Africa and Spain.
LAST Chance Harvey is a forgivably sweet, optimistic, and ultimately charming story about love, loneliness, and second chances.