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easily forgotten

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The Gallows boasts a couple of half-hearted scares but this is a predictable and instantly forgettable tale of things that go bump in the night with the cast hampered by a flimsy script while deaths are hopelessly contrived.
Another sports first: Michael Sam becoming the first openly gay player drafted into the NFL, is rated forgettable by about half.
Ocean's Kingdom isn't offensive: it's just harmless, forgettable, bland, thin and occasionally incompetent," he added.
Unmissable *** Enjoyable *** Watchable ** Forgettable * Regrettable 7 Abominable
Daily star: boro boss Gareth Southgate will bore his way back to the top after urging fed-up fans to stick with his forgettable brand of football.
We had a succession of fairly forgettable band names-Angel Range; I think Kele wanted to call the band Diet at one point .
no; mocking caricature is forgettable and disposable as yesterday's paper.
The first half was a forgettable affair as Stockport appeared to miss the creativity of hamstring injury victim Harpal Singh.
And new single Side Streets is gently melodic but sadly completely forgettable.
Its partnerships include another bunch of initials such as the forgettable and shift-key-intensive PrOSPa and CEQUAL, which, it explains is 'a Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Assessment and Award Scheme'.
He embarks on a lifelong quest to discover the true "Millard Fillmore," penning a ten volume biography of history's most forgettable President.
The 87th minute effort lit up a distinctly forgettable game although the Martyrs had battled throughout to move into fourth spot in the Southern League Premier Division table.
Fare from campuses across the country, ranged from forgettable to breathtaking, but the capacity.
While Fading Days is solid, it might also be slightly forgettable.
Golf: If the start was a sign of things to come, Colin Montgomerie was in for a long, tiring and instantly forgettable time today.