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Synonyms for forgetful


Synonyms for forgetful

unable to remember

Synonyms for forgetful

(of memory) deficient in retentiveness or range

not mindful or attentive

failing to keep in mind


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He travels back to town and sits there so quietly until someone steals him, but this other person wraps him in brown paper and then forgetfully leaves him in the next tram.
Almost all the keys had been forgetfully taken away by Aintr ee attendees and none were left for regular users of the healthcentr e.
Soldiers blow up a bag she has forgetfully left behind.
To "remember" such moments of immediacy, the witness is fated to "remember forgetfully.
And then there is that sweetest of moments - the one where a cool, beautiful beachside waitress arrives beside your lounger with a sparkling red rum punch and you forgetfully pat at your pockets to search for payment, or your room key, or anything to give in exchange for this seeming largesse - and find that there is nothing you can do in return but offer a gracious thank you, sit back and enjoy.
Was the custodian who forgetfully left a lit candle in a crawlspace of a crowded motel in Holiday Inns, Inc.
Ready to make him new coffee if the first became cold, if forgetfully, he stood looking at himself in the mirror with the same vanity that was instilled in me from birth as soon as it was confirmed that they were dealing with yet another woman.
Always, it conspicuously has been a transactional relationship, with America, after finding no use of Pakistan, ditching it remorselessly and discarding it forgetfully.
She, too, emerges as a woman of independence - but this is a small, fragile creature, moving forgetfully into old age.
He forgetfully left it in hand luggage and the knife was confiscated at East Midlands Airport.
Be still, heart," I remember then advising that suddenly wheezing, white-muzzled cur, "'tis but the fanciful thread of a dream; we know that such voices do not exist here in the flinty netting of actual life"--and with that, we quickly drifted off again into the professedly kinder, gentler realm of un-; upon which time did what it will, and, quite forgetfully, I rose at two and made the usual dash to the lobby.
I wondered how many of these things were hopelessly damaged by virtue of the fact that their owners must have dipped a hand forgetfully into water, thus mining them.
He is wowed by the other skiers' stunts on the mountain, and he forgetfully neglects his sponsors.