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Synonyms for forgetful


Synonyms for forgetful

unable to remember

Synonyms for forgetful

(of memory) deficient in retentiveness or range

not mindful or attentive

failing to keep in mind


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The animated film 'the Forgetful Agu Phagpa' is produced by the Department of Education and created by Jamphel Animation.
Women appear to be more absent-minded than men, with 16 per cent being forgetful in the last two years compared with 12 per cent of male drivers.
Vidya came as her loud and crazy Punjabi woman avatar while Emrn Hashmi appeared in a nightsuit as her forgetful husband
Aren't these items missed by their hapless and forgetful owners?
99) pairs David McPhail's engaging pictures with the story of a forgetful young bear who has misplaced all his winter clothing.
It can also be used for when I morph into a forgetful state of human and start really being Cranston.
How many eons will it take us to reach the shore/of morning, to fit our voices around the habitual courtesies/of our old and forgetful souls?
There is also a danger of the forgetful taking extra doses by mistake.
The company reported that 41% of adults in the UK claimed that they are more forgetful now than they used to be and 22% of these blame the increasing number of computer passwords or PIN numbers they have to remember.
When confronted with a confused and forgetful patient, a doctor must first rule out other brain disorders by putting the patient through a battery of psychological tests, brain scans, and various health assessments.
Again, it's not a question of fakes and reals; rather, the act of looking--whether at a camp or at the movies--creates its own history, accumulative, constitutive, forgetful, repressive.
Already in theaters is Disney-Pixar's Finding Nemo, in which Ellen steals scene after scene as Dory, the forgetful fish whose sidekick duties to Marlin (above, left, voiced by Albert Brooks) make her an indispensable part of the title quest.
Wakamaru is to be nurse and companion as well, reminding forgetful people to take their medicine, to eat and take a nap.
Johnnie Walker Black Label is also getting some focus with a trial delivery service set up by Diageo aimed at forgetful kids who need to get a last minute gift to their dads.
Clue for the forgetful Keown: he has red hair and a Yorkshire accent.