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Whoever drinks at the Forbidden Fountain at once forgets everything he has ever known," Ozma asserted.
Therefore I have long dismissed it, and I neither forget nor wish to forget.
Creative cognition," the authors wrote, "may rely not only on one's ability to remember but also on one's ability to forget.
If the citizens of Canaan forget everything, why does Nadia's mother seem to be haunted by the past, a past she is not supposed to remember?
forget if it hadn't been for Reticulum and Gliadin, who have
If instructed to forget an image just after seeing it, people were less likely to remember that image later.
Lucy Burnett, fundraising events manager for Forget Me Not Children's Hospice, said: "Forget Me Not supports children with life shortening conditions and their families.
Forget Me Not Days is Bankers Life's annual street corner fundraising campaign to raise awareness of and collect money for the Alzheimer's Association.
As the product name suggests, on a bright and sunny day I applied 'Wet and Forget Outdoors' to my heavily moss covered asphalt shingled roof and then forgot about it," said Mark Donovan, founder and owner of the website HomeAdditionPlus.
Isn't the author really trying to say that to remember (be concerned for) others is to forget yourself?
The most common scenario is they claim their bond but then forget to cash the refund cheque.
And research suggests that this executive control is also involved in our ability to forget something when we're motivated to forget it.
How can me or anyone who have read your columns forget you?
Erol Rizaov from Utrinski vesnik presents facts and comments that we should not forget that VMRO-DPMNE has, in total, ruled Macedonia for 11 years while SDSM ruled it for 9 years.
FORGET was formally installed as the newest chaplain at CFB Petawawa on March 7 at a chapel on the military base.