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Synonyms for forgery


Synonyms for forgery

a fraudulent imitation

Synonyms for forgery

a copy that is represented as the original


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criminal falsification by making or altering an instrument with intent to defraud

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The forgery is usually discovered as these individuals give their degrees to foreign affairs offices for attestation," the official said.
A judicial source on Saturday evening said Gueant had been charged with tax avoidance as part of an organised group and forgery.
The accused also faces outstanding charges pending a ruling by the Famagusta court following complaints filed by individuals who claimed their were scammed, charges of forgery and not complying with the contract of sale and the transfer of apartments and houses to Cypriot and foreign buyers.
He said that the membership of Sudan in the union will lead to transfer the Arab experiences in the field of counterfeiting and forgery to all the African countries.
Most committees judging artworks for authenticity ask the owner to sign a contract acknowledging they understand that their possessions could be destroyed if declared a forgery, said Pierre Valentin, a lawyer specializing in advising art collectors.
Meanwhile, Bibars, the newly-assigned Secretary General of the Arab Federation for Combating Counterfeiting and Forgery, said in a statement to KUNA that the federation "would witness a qualitative step forward in the realm of combating counterfeiting.
According to Article 121 of the Federal Penal Code, the courts, both Criminal and the Misdemeanours, may order the deportation of the accused in forgery cases.
In Kuwait, 265 Pakistani are in jails in offence of drug trafficking, adultery, theft, illegal immigration and forgery and in Lebanon 4 Pakistani are in jails in offence of murder, forgery and illegal stay.
He said the police believed the organization running the passport forgery operation was based in Iran, but used Thailand as the site for actually making the forgeries.
The Kuwaiti is facing charges of forgery and embezzlement, while Little has been charged with forgery.
In antiquity, although documents and currency were commonly forged, historical evidence of art forgery is thin on the ground.
Jailing Rayfern, Judge Martin Rudland said: "It is important the integrity and provenance of established and aspiring artists is not undermined by the deliberate forgery of their endeavours.
The subject of pharaonic art forgery is a very real problem for modern museums and it is curious that more books on the subject have not been published.
The boy who would be Shakespeare; a tale of forgery and folly.
The problem with the forgery during the censuses has always been present and will always be," stated demographer Aslan Selmani adding that forgeries are expected at next year's Census as in the Census of 2002.