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Synonyms for forgery


Synonyms for forgery

a fraudulent imitation

Synonyms for forgery

a copy that is represented as the original


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criminal falsification by making or altering an instrument with intent to defraud

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The different types of forgeries were seasonal, and could change according to the latest rule or regulation in regard to immigration laws, he said.
He illustrates how Aslanian was responsible for a large number of forgeries and how they were produced.
54 per cent of coins going through our system are illegal which means we have been successful in detecting and rejecting 75% of possible forgeries.
I estimate there are over 200 forgeries out there now.
Judge George Moorhouse told him: "In your possession you had these cheques for various amounts which were clearly forgeries and you knew they were forgeries.
In addition to the alleged forgeries in Portsmouth, Larry Post--the group or field vice president who directs the region encompassing New Hampshire from the company's Boston office--required staff to close out financial plans that hadn't been delivered to them within the allowable time frame, which would have entitled the customers a refund if so desired.
Detective Inspector Robert Bruce, of Kidderminster police, said although the notes had been kept to train staff how to spot similar forgeries, this in itself was unlawful.
We are worried about safety if fans turn up with these forgeries.
And they are so good even Americans are being duped - the FBI and US Treasury are investigating after some turned up in Las Vegas casinos, where they got past equipment for spotting forgeries.
Petit, former chief of Nike France, faces charges of forgery and the use of forgeries, as well as using bonuses to players to avoid government-levied fees.
When it comes to amateur forgeries, however, that bit of childhood wisdom might not hold true.
The forgeries were so well done that even many of the world's top experts were fooled.
Ticket forgeries worth more than pounds 70,000 were discovered by the police at the Western Meeting, although officials say the fraud was probably prevalent prior to the September fixture.
Confidence games and bad checks, except forgeries and counterfeiting, are included.
About 5,100 forgeries of Hanshin Expressway Public Corporation's prepaid tickets have been circulated in the past month, officials at the corporation said Saturday.