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Synonyms for forger

Synonyms for forger

one who makes a fraudulent copy of something

Synonyms for forger

someone who operates a forge

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someone who makes copies illegally

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With the advent of technical art history, which brings historical research to bear on scientific analysis, the cat-and-mouse game between forgers and experts has moved on to new territory--as witnessed in the now infamous Beltracchi case
She gets the techniques and the psychology of successful forgers and the pathology of obsessive collectors.
You, Me and Yesterday is a collaboration between Staffordshire-based writer, composer and film maker Tobias Churton and former modern art forger John Myatt.
The notorious forger also succeeded in imitating paintings by the English painter L.
Memoirs of a Master Forger, written under the pseudonym William Heaney, is the story of a book forger who sees demons.
This gives rise to the theory that the shroud is the work of a forger.
In fact, the figurine of the granddaughter of King Tutankhamun was crafted by master forger Shaun Greenhalgh, 48, in his garden shed in just three weeks.
He is quite a character protecting the wife of the forger from the unwanted attentions of the Supervisor of convicts and not with the intention of doing the same thing himself.
1783: The last public hanging in England took place at Tyburn (now Marble Arch in London) - forger John Austin was the last to die there.
The forger of writings by famous figures including Oscar Wilde was respected by the Igbo people as "Odeziaku"--keeper of wealth, but was also regarded ambivalently as a woman-hater and sorcerer.
The group writes its own music and lyrics and one of its songs recently caught the interest of Grammy Award-winner Matt Forger.
As the documentary form enjoys a renaissance, the time is ripe for a new version of Orson Welles' underrated masterpiece F for Fake, a tricky pseudo-documentary about a forger that revealed the hidden forgery in all filmmaking.
Its diabolic story is of two characters known only as Librarian and Forger.
We see him from the back, enveloped in cigarette smoke, while in a warm and confidential tone he tells about his life as a forger.
It's been my experience, on both sides of the law, that there is no profile of who's a con artist or a forger," says Abagnale.