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Synonyms for forged

Synonyms for forged

reproduced fraudulently


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Baisemeaux reflected; he perceived, at a glance, the consequence of this withdrawal of a prisoner by means of a forged order; and, putting in the scale the guarantee offered him by the official order of the general, did not consider it of any value.
That the signature of the second Trustee (a retired army officer, living in the country) was a signature forged, in every case, by the active Trustee-- otherwise Mr.
The 31-year-old Indian accused has been charged in the Court of First Instance with helping and abetting a Pakistani runaway accomplice in forging and using a forged official document for breaching the Foreigners Entry and Residency Law.
13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the court judgment handed down recently against Chris Kyle's estate, SEAL veteran-owned, lifestyle brand, Forged leveraged its resources and community to create The Legend Campaign, whose t-shirt sales will benefit Taya Kyle and the Chris Kyle Estate.
The forged-wheel maker registered revenue of about US$86 million, making it the third-largest supplier to trail Auto Fush of Europe and Alcoa of the United States, whose orders will make SuperAlloy the world's largest supplier of high-end forged wheels by 2012.
One of them was convicted of forging a BD20 currency last April, and all three of dealing with and using forged currency.
Although most products being forged in orthopedics are related to hip and knee implants, the product mix is slowly changing, Tuchel said, noting that trauma and spine products now are being forged more often than in years past.
ICI is currently running its two forging press lines at full capacity in response to burgeoning North American demand for forged crankshafts, producing approximately 1.
Anderson points out that if diesel engines grow in popularity for light vehicles, then the number of forged steel crankshafts will grow accordingly, as the higher compression ratios of that type of engine necessitates the use of steel cranks.
Forged steel billets, depending on the hot working procedure, usually are anisotropic, displaying higher properties parallel to the major flow lines (forging movement direction) and lesser values in radial or transverse directions.
They know about forged and stamped these days," said Nicole Maile, product manager for cutlery and flatware at Crate & Barrel.
Unpublished data from Forged laboratory demonstrate that, given enough time, those baby hair cells seem to mature.
Cold forged in three steps, with an additional annealing operation.
Pro Series and Adventure Series offer exciting new wheel designs to the Alcoa product portfolio of wheels forged from one piece of 6061-T6 aluminum.
As you might expect given the sources behind the study, the forged steel component performed well.