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Synonyms for forged

Synonyms for forged

reproduced fraudulently


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Prosecutors charged the 19-year-old and the 28-year-old of forging two Pakistani passports and Schengen visas and using the forged documents to travel.
One of the men tried to use a forged BD20 at a barber's shop, but the employee became suspicious and reported it to a policeman.
Secondly, three-dimensional simulation for the relatively better scheme is further performed considering the complicated geometric nature of gear, and the results show that the corner filling is improved and well-shaped gear is forged as shown in figure 7.
will allow Sumitomo Metals to respond to both the expansion of the forged crankshaft market and the global strategies of auto makers.
The hubs are forged to near net shape on a 3,000 ton hydraulic press, then rough machined to 59 in.
Longtime players in the forged flatware field have seen an upswing in sales of these items.
A common belief is that if the material is forged, it is somehow stronger.
Unpublished data from Forged laboratory demonstrate that, given enough time, those baby hair cells seem to mature.
Cold forged in three steps, with an additional annealing operation.
But forged steel has variable properties," he noted.
Summary: Police arrest three people who sold forged medical documents
Summary: Defendants flew in Asias with valid passports, flew them out to Europe with forged visas
We were impressed with the quality and pride that is forged into each fixture, said Rufus Clark, Managing Partner of Bunker Hill Capital.