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It was easier in earlier epochs before television when life was lived much more outside, when children played in the streets where women hung out the washing, when men forgathered in clubs and pubs or walked to work together.
The sheer inefficiency and muddle of the journey had offended him, and that evening, forgathered with the other three men in their cabin, he floated his idea.
She is, for example, a member of that very select club of architects whose creations have recently forgathered at 19th Street between 10th and 11th avenues: Frank Gehry's the Sails, which stands on 11th Avenue, directly across the street from Jean Nouvel's nearly completed 100 Eleventh; just to the east of the Sails is Shigeru Ban's Metal Shutter House; and, next to that, Selldorf's own 520 West Chelsea.
From Manvil's lumber camp, / And from the lime-kiln on the Mill Creek hills, / Men came; and many ranches roundabout, / Or ranchers' sons, with joy forgathered there / To celebrate the term of week's toil.
So in other words, Bush's tightly argued presentation of the case for war before the "establishment" forgathered in the Capitol was the same kind of thing as the hippies outside with their "video collages of warplanes, corporate logos, oil derricks, Ronald McDonald, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, bombed cities, dead bodies and the question: `Is this the world you want?