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surrendered as a penalty

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The trio, had pleaded not guilty, were charged on a 15-count of conspiracy, forgery, making documents without authority, dealing with the forfeited property without authorization and transfer of forfeited property to nominees.
The guarantee of all candidates except PTI and PML-N candidate has been forfeited in by elections in NA-120.
In each case, the individuals concerned failed to prove the money seized by police was gained through lawful means, which meant they forfeited it.
The one game that beat the weather was forfeited by Shakespeares who could only manage a team of five.
Mr Davies said: "Public sector workers forfeited a day's pay.
That prompted him to say, after the 2-0 quarter-final defeat to the Championship side: "We are in a position where we have forfeited going through in this competition and having the chance to reach a final.
MASS murderers such as Ian Brady have forfeited their right to life, Gregory Campbell said yesterday.
Could not YULA have forfeited its home game and Oakwood, in an act of good faith, sat Levine for its home game?
The England and Wales Cricket Board had been seeking compensation after Pakistan forfeited the final Test of their tour on day four at the Oval.
The ICC were in any case set to discuss the aborted Test - the first in the history of cricket to be forfeited - at their board meeting in Bombay tomorrow.
Only approximately 1% failed to deliver a mortgage loan and forfeited the fee's refundable portion.
3 billion yen, bringing the amount to be forfeited to 9.
If the employee violates the restrictions and the stock is forfeited, there is no income recognition.
The federal government doesn't track just how much revenue is forfeited in this way--nor do most states--but a study from the California attorney general's office provides a glimpse of just how wasteful this system can be.
Heading into the final two matches tied with host North Bend at 24-24, South Eugene lost at 130 pounds and forfeited at 135 to fall 36-24 to the Bulldogs.