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a platform at the head of a foremast

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a lock of a horse's mane that grows forward between the ears


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I was standing there on the foretop and as he passed over the mast, in the rear seat [of the plane was a Japanese crew member] and if either one of us would have had a potato we would have hit the other it was so close.
NormanAugustus Handsworth and the Marine Artillery, to fire his Lewis from the foretop HMS 'Vindictive' despite his wounds saved the many of comrades and 23, And Albert the King's Corps was awarded for his actions on 1916 at Delville Wood Western Front.
When it reached the vertical, I lost no time climbing the rest of the way to the foretop.
One of them is a man called Foretop who had his vision that he was going to live as long as Heart Mountain was intact.
The town's red-roofed buildings cover the waterfront and three steep hills--Denmark Hill, Synagogue Hill, and Government Hill (old-time sailors looking up from water level called them Foretop, Maintop, and Mizzenmast).
Being physically as well as mentally elevated by the foretop, he often "looked down with the contempt of a man destined to shine in the midst of dangers," but what he sees is the sobering reality of "factory chimneys .
was a female African, who has served as a seaman in the Royal Navy for upwards of 11 years, several of which she has been rated able on the books of the above ship by the name of William Brown, and has served for some time as the captain of the foretop, highly to the satisfaction of the officers.
Shortly after leaving port, pitched battles began taking place on the foretop gangway where white members of the crew drove contraband sailors from their stations by hurling gun chocks at their heads.
Dancing Class We have dancing on the main deck, and preaching down below, We have swearing in the foretop, As through the waves we go.
First Lock--The portion of a horse's mane immediately behind the foretop and head.
William Hall went on to become Captain of the Mast and Captain of the Foretop - prestigious positions in the days of mixed sail and steam.
Once aboard the Indomitable, Billy quickly made himself at home with the ship and the men with whom he served in the foretop.
The most memorable character is Jack Chase, captain of the foretop, a toughminded sailor with the soul of a poet.
After a catastrophic explosion and with fires sweeping the foretop and bridge, only the few men sheltered inside the director lived.