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Synonyms for foretop

a platform at the head of a foremast

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a lock of a horse's mane that grows forward between the ears


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NormanAugustus Handsworth and the Marine Artillery, to fire his Lewis from the foretop HMS 'Vindictive' despite his wounds saved the many of comrades and 23, And Albert the King's Corps was awarded for his actions on 1916 at Delville Wood Western Front.
Being physically as well as mentally elevated by the foretop, he often "looked down with the contempt of a man destined to shine in the midst of dangers," but what he sees is the sobering reality of "factory chimneys .
William Hall went on to become Captain of the Mast and Captain of the Foretop - prestigious positions in the days of mixed sail and steam.
Now owned by the Erinaceous Group plc, she aims to emulate the feats of Foretop (in 1988) and Westmead Chick (1994) by becoming the third female winner of the UK Packaging Arc.
FORETOP, winner of the 1988 Arc and who is still credited with holding the 475 metres clock at Walthamstow in the days of sanded bends and grass straights, has been put down at the age of 15, writes Jonathan Hobbs.
In a hugely successful career, Foretop was one of the most popular bitches of the late 1980s, a prolific winner for Turner and trainer Ken Linzell.
Indeed, Walthamstow-trained runners landed the first three runnings, with Ken Linzell's Foretop scoring as 7-4 favourite in 1988 before John Coleman's Kilcannon Bullet was returned as the whopping 33-1 winner a year later.
Stephen Maturin squared up to his writing-desk once more: he had been called away to attend to one of the ship's boys who had contrived to stun himself in the foretops by taking the maul from its place, tossing it to a considerable height and so misjudging the revolution as it fell that the massive head struck him down speechless and unnaturally pale.