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In foretelling the future I shall merely confirm what we already know: we are at the dawn of a revolution in medicine and genetic therapies that will dramatically alter how we understand the meaning of health and disease.
A murmur of voices foretelling Russia's eventual integration with Europe, including accession to the European Union and membership in NATO, is suddenly gaining volume.
Voodoomation: The Book of Foretelling by Garfield Linton Karu Press, November 2000, $9.
I was glad to see the mime scene of Giselle's mother foretelling her daughter's destiny, often cut, retained in this production.
The Veros model has proven amazingly accurate at foretelling how much property values will increase or decrease in a given market.
In another, a mysterious girl seems to appear among groups of friends as a foretelling of fatal car accidents each clique then suffers.
The early Christian community interpreted the Old Testament prophets as foretelling the coming of Christ, and that idea dominated in Christianity for about 1,800 years.
The announcement of the Eucharist, after the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, was also a foretelling of the first Eucharist at the Last Supper.
What we see mostly are the rituals surrounding the Dalai Lama, including a scenes of a crazed shaman foretelling the future and a bizarre funeral.