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a person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

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HE'S the grand-daddy of media art, the visionary foreteller of the MTV and YouTube generation.
I say your being" (253)--to Anchises, but to some confluence of her poet and herself: "It was all the words of the poet, the words of the maker, the foreteller, the truth teller: nothing more, nothing less.
The second prize was awarded to Kyrgyz sculptor Adil Setaliev for his "Bird Dononbai -- foreteller of misfortune".
Given the horrifying scene taking place, the religious image, more than a protective function, seems to act as a symbolic foreteller of the many pains endured by Kahlo throughout her life, beginning with the most terrible one, her unfulfilled wish to become a mother.
Birds literally pervade Mahon's poetry and are often seen as redemptive creatures (as in 'Bird Sanctuary'), and here the bird not only evokes the (albeit meagre, considering its 'thin cries') possibility of flight denied to the 'uncycled' Molloy, but also acts as the symbolic foreteller of an end, just as the bells had done in 'Exit Molloy'.
Likewise, his possessing a needle indicates that Jesus' asceticism was not complete and kept him from reaching the highest heavens; ultimately, Jesus' role as a forerunner and foreteller of Muhammad contributes to such limitedness.
Like the messenger angel who visits the biblical Mary and announces the birth of Christ, his role in the text is that of guide or foreteller, for it is he who offers Mariam directions to Bailey's Cafe.
One new documentary airing January 17th, Ayn Rand and the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged, hails Rand as a kind of prophet, a foreteller of the failure of an over-stepping government bent on exploiting the creators of wealth, while all the while squashing human initiative.
For instance, Australian buyers, fuelled by the success of European purchases such as My Kingdom Of Fife and Foreteller among others, spent 2.
That kind of divination was, nevertheless, different from the prophecies of Fata and Norns: the destiny that Elves (or Men) foretold was not a decision of the foreteller (as, say, "the princess shall pierce her hand with a spindle and die of the wound").
Though the Globes are seen by some as a foreteller of Oscar fortunes, for the most part this has been true in years when there's been a clear frontrunner.
The rise in fee for Danehill stallion Dansili follows a year that has yielded six individual Group/Grade 1 winners, including top-flight filly The Fugue, dual Australian scorer Foreteller and Dank, winner of the Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Turf this month.