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Synonyms for foreswear

do without or cease to hold or adhere to

turn away from

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Asked whether NATO and other forces in Afghanistan should talk to the Taliban, the Spokesperson said that reconciliation among the Afghans is "indispensable and inevitable," adding that that insurgents who take part in the reconciliation process "need to make sure that they adhere to the Constitution, foreswear violence and lay down their arms.
Western states said it was unfair and counterproductive to isolate one member state and that an IAEA resolution passed on Thursday, which urged all Middle East nations including Israel to foreswear atomic bombs, made Friday's proposal unnecessary.
Initially, Western states tried to stop the resolution from going to a vote, arguing it would be counterproductive to single out Israel, particularly after a resolution had been passed the day before calling on all states in the Middle East to foreswear nuclear weapons.
One can even argue they have achieved it less imperfectly, never expecting that partisan politicians will ever fully foreswear including partisan costs and benefits in their calculations.
The government's reluctance to foreswear territorial revanchism left the country isolated.
The government's demand that the ANC first had to foreswear violence was generally seen as the main obstacle in this regard.
The agreement will not establish permanent bases in Iraq, and we anticipate that it will expressly foreswear them," Mr Crocker said.
19) To be granted leave, the internees were required to foreswear any form of allegiance to the Japanese government or any Japanese organization.
That is, to have power and a cramped personal space in which to lead a "homosexual lifestyle," these Republican insiders had to foreswear efforts to improve the lot of gay people generally.
Although officially they foreswear metaphysics, covertly they love it and lace their popular writings with obiter dicta of that kind.
According to Rabinow, in accepting the scientific demystification of the natural world, we thereby foreswear the essentialist illusions of the past and face truthfully both the possibilities and the perils of self-production at the genetic level.
This is not to say that, pending such retrospective research, we should throw out all the numbers we have generated or foreswear the use of CBA until its utility has been verified with certainty.
Although China did not feature prominently in yesterday's communique from the six-party talks in Beijing, there is reason to believe it played the major role in forcing North Korea to foreswear nukes.
The chief rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger, proposed a sort of "Hippocratic Oath" for clergy, a vow to foreswear any religious justification of violence.
The United States would be required to acknowledge the effects of its currency movements upon other countries, at least in extremis, and could get an opportunity to visibly foreswear unilateral action (in fact, comfortably doing so in an area where unilateralism usually works against it, rather than where it exercises such).