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In Brazil and Indonesia, the partnership will support efforts to identify areas of ecological and cultural significance on industry lands and concessions, and ensure the exclusion of timber harvesting from these important forested areas, unless the lands have met internationally recognized standards.
By using the wood chips that are produced from the forested trees, APS expects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 15,000 tons per year.
Forested common lands comprised substantial segments of America's colonial 17th century towns, particularly in New England, where town proprietors established community settlements and controlled property divisions.
This bill proposes "a series of pilot projects to encourage collaborative approaches to, and to provide research on, the rehabilitation of forest ecosystem health following uncharacteristic disturbances of forested federal lands.
It begins with progressive public policies--federal, state, and local--in forested rural areas to encourage a vibrant forest economy: economic development incentives to manufacturers and loggers, supporting tax policies, targeted worker training and education, functional roads and bridges, coordinated and efficient state and federal agency processes.
More than 90 percent of Vermont was forested in the early 1700s, and nearly that amount is forested today, but in between, before timbering and farming shifted West, two-thirds of the forest was denuded by settlers cutting wood for houses and clearing land for fields and pastures.
I hope that others who own forested land will follow Ara Berberian's example and work to protect their land for future generations.