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It begins with progressive public policies--federal, state, and local--in forested rural areas to encourage a vibrant forest economy: economic development incentives to manufacturers and loggers, supporting tax policies, targeted worker training and education, functional roads and bridges, coordinated and efficient state and federal agency processes.
More than 90 percent of Vermont was forested in the early 1700s, and nearly that amount is forested today, but in between, before timbering and farming shifted West, two-thirds of the forest was denuded by settlers cutting wood for houses and clearing land for fields and pastures.
I hope that others who own forested land will follow Ara Berberian's example and work to protect their land for future generations.
Residents were just relieved that Hancock planned to keep the block intact and in a forested state.
The first trees planted in Michigan in 1990 provided forested habitat for the endangered Kirtland's warbler; the most recent, in the Russian Far East, expand habitat for the endangered Siberian tiger (see page 38).
The analysis revealed that heavily forested areas--places with more than 50 percent tree cover--declined at an even faster rate, from 820,569 acres to 555,090, a 32 percent drop.