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an adjustable stay from the foremast to the deck or bowsprit

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But as for us, who mean to ply the Egyptian sea, may we be guided by the Thracian crane that flies beside our forestays and is a welcome sign to pilots, as it looks down upon the great waves while gliding safely through the fields of air.
WE'D had very strong winds and been making good progress, but just as the boat was luffing up there was a horrendous bang - one of the forestays snapped.
There is much originality here (the female/yacht has failing timbers, a back bent like a yard-arm, slack forestays, breasts like hanging sails, wrinkles on the belly and flooding down below (of semen), the same craft is powered by both oars and sails, and there is allusion to Acheron), as Meleager considerably amplifies the comparison and works out the parallels at rather relentless length, although some may feel that in the course of taking things too far he produces equivalents that are at times strained and unclear (especially [GREEK TEXT OMITTED], the forestays, in 4).
The hugely supported cutter rig has six shrouds, twin backstays and twin forestays, and there is a Hoyt staysail boom for self-tacking and poling out twin headsails.