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Beauly may have been cunning enough to forestall suspicion, and to set up an Alibi.
I drank heavily during this time, but right here I wish to forestall misunderstanding.
Brownlow, smiling; 'but no doubt they will bring that about for themselves in the fulness of time, and if we step in to forestall them, it seems to me that we shall be performing a very Quixotic act, in direct opposition to our own interest--or at least to Oliver's, which is the same thing.
And as I see on the faces about me, a disposition to inquire how it happened that I was not in the way to corroborate Oliver's tale, and had so suddenly left the kingdom, let me stipulate that I shall be asked no questions until such time as I may deem it expedient to forestall them by telling my own story.
I do hope that the Calderdale intervention succeeds and forestalls the closure and we are not foisted off on a temporary basis.
Thus, perhaps the greatest harm done by the (according to Epstein) religious adherence to psychotherapy to the point of virtual worship is that it forestalls efforts to find social solutions to problems caused by social ills.
The system forestalls thermalization because the one-dimensional motion prevents the kind of momentum transfers that generate a broad distribution of energies, Weiss says.
The developer's latest move forestalls the LAUSD's attempt to foreclose and allows a federal bankruptcy judge to drag out the process while the warring factions continue to dicker.
However, the county treasurer's aggressive and successful collections policy forestalls any need to draw on additional revenue sources.
Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), a clot-dissolving substance produced by brain cells -- and manufactured by drug companies -- ordinarily forestalls these clots.