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Synonyms for forestalling

the act of preventing something by anticipating and disposing of it effectively

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The effectiveness of vaccines in forestalling a pandemic could be limited because such a targeted pandemic vaccine cannot be developed until that strain has been identified.
On Washington's public assurances that it has no intention to invade North Korea, the statement said, ''It is a promising assurance of security, but the advertisement is no more than a smoke-screen to hoodwink the world public, slacken our strain and then make a forestalling attack on us.
What I'm afraid of is that we took this money to balance the budget and are now just forestalling the time when a new City Council will have to raise sewer rates and we won't be held accountable for it.
Wholesalers are urging tobacco suppliers and Customs to speed up their talks on the ending of forestalling.
And if it does, it can direct the external auditor to scrutinize the problem, thereby forestalling a faulty audit.
Budget balancing actions by the commonwealth for fiscal 2005 generated additional revenues for Virginia local governments, primarily for schools, forestalling the city's need for a property tax rate increase.
Two drugs prescribed for high blood pressure show signs of forestalling kidney damage in people with type 2, or adult-onset, diabetes, according to three new studies.
The government's decision to end forestalling -- where cigarettes and tobacco are stockpiled before Budget duty hikes are imposed.
In hopes of forestalling area code splits as well as overlays, the PUC ordered phone companies to use numbers from blocks of 1,000 before assigning additional numbers and to return unused numbers to a pool that other companies can use.
In response to the notice, the tenant moved before the Supreme Court for the State and County of New York seeking a preliminary injunction staying the running of the notice and thereby forestalling the tenant's time to cure the rent default.