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He noted that the government in China has forestalled political reform while delving into economic reform.
During the study, the two oral drugs forestalled cancer's growth for about the same period--an average of 8.
may have forestalled casualties, but it also highlighted a huge vulnerability.
But the fact that Congress apparently forestalled any action against the tobacco companies for decades - in the face of clear evidence that smoking caused cancer - is appalling.
Mainstream political thinkers - and this stream was very broad - saw no contradiction in upholding both a divine right of kings, limited only by the mandates of heaven, and legal limits on monarchy, which forestalled such abuses.
But he forestalled me by placing his hand on my shoulder.
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) agreed to make it easier for rival developers to work with Windows software, a compromise that forestalled antitrust action by the European Union.
Unfortunately, further application of these ideas at that time was forestalled.
These positive developments have forestalled downward pressure on the rating for now.
NASA officials said this week that it would take several days to assess the length of the delay but that the launching would be forestalled by at least several weeks, and some speculation ran as high as several months.
This makes it easy for technicians to respond to fault and failure signals, and faults often can be corrected and failures forestalled by remote control.
Fitch says this outcome has effectively forestalled the risk of Indonesia's sovereign rating being downgraded to default status and the Stable Outlook is accordingly affirmed.
commented on the second quarter saying, "inclement winter weather conditions in our key geographic markets, coupled with the sluggish economy, have forestalled sales.