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I do hope that the Calderdale intervention succeeds and forestalls the closure and we are not foisted off on a temporary basis.
The use of antivirals and vaccines, two elements of the international strategy to forestall a pandemic, could be constrained by their uncertain effectiveness and limited availability.
While unlikely that anyone will mistake a missile for a passenger plane in the near term, we still lack the imagination to anticipate and forestall every new terrorist subterfuge, and similarly artists like Reeb will continue to take advantage when they spy a vulnerable audience.
In order to forestall approval, Archbishop Brendan O'Brien, president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, sent a letter to Prime Minister Paul Martin opposing Canada's participation.
com as the sole channel to market Forestall, an odor-neutralizing surfactant.
ITEM: The Christian Science Monitor for August 16 reported: "Humanity has the hardware in hand to halt the rise in heat-trapping greenhouse gases it pumps into the atmosphere and forestall the worst effects of global warming projected for the end of this century.
Louis, Bowdoin, and Harvard are offering services that include everything from free counseling, group therapy and biofeedback, to free massage and puppy-cuddling--all in an effort to forestall student implosions.
A veterans' preference of, say, 7 percentage points in congressional elections would do wonders for our enlistment figures, and it would forestall such scandalous situations as last year's ejection of disabled veteran Max Cleland from the Senate or the lack of military experience among White House officials who so cavalierly sent our troops to overseas wars.
Desire in this mode retreats from any kind of involvement in society, contemplating only itself; thus, "Eros and Thanatos, in effect, forestall Clio" (229).
USAXS images and USAXS scans were made of human ankle cartilage mounted in a wet cell to forestall dehydration.
Whites, especially in the South, saw the potential for blacks to pose a real threat to the grip of Jim Crow, but could not forestall the change brought by the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.
I would hope that, in the future, countries beset by problems with their democratic systems will increasingly look to the GAS, and the Democratic Charter, as a valuable instrument of prevention and remedial mechanisms to forestall further deterioration of their political order.
When death comes calling, Paddy manages to forestall him until nearer Christmas.
THE international coalition against terrorism will take military action "if absolutely necessary" to forestall future attacks, according to a document published by Downing Street.
Many taxpayers may well take advantage of one of the three proposed methods to resolve current audits and forestall future disputes.