forest tent caterpillar

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larvae of a gregarious North American moth that spins a web resembling a carpet rather than a tent

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The western forest tent caterpillar is only about an inch long; but, if there are enough of them, they can eat the foliage of an entire forest.
The cherry scallop shell moth, forest tent caterpillar and fall cankerworm defoliated 107,000 acres across northern Pennsylvania.
Meating says they've conducted trials against more than a dozen damaging insects including the spruce budworm, gypsy moth, jack pine budworm, forest tent caterpillar, sawflies, and even the mountain pine beetle in Western Canada.
Forest Service as a means to control insects such as the emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, forest tent caterpillar and spruce bud worm.
We noticed a few forest tent caterpillars this summer with no lasting harm to the bush.
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