forest fire fighter

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an official who is responsible for managing and protecting an area of forest

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Collins gave a ministerial statement concerning the delay in payment of wages to forest fire fighters.
As it turns out, both Isiah and Venne learned CPR as part of their training as forest fire fighters for Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management.
More than 185,000 volunteers are being trained and organized in crews by the Forest Fire Fighters Service.
The company made hundreds of utility vests for oil-spill-response workers, and creates first-aid kit carriers for forest fire fighters.
I wonder how many more nurses, teachers, parole officers, welfare case workers, forest fire fighters, food safety inspectors, judges, caretakers and patrolmen Leuthold would like to see fired.
McVeytown, $5,565; Mifflin County Forest Fire Fighters, Lewistown, $7,175; Decatur Fire Co.
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