forest fire

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an uncontrolled fire in a wooded area

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The president gave the order as the country has been battling to douse massive agriculture and forest fire across the nation for weeks, most of which are at peat land.
Dr Salman said, "In case of huge fire, we get services of Emergency Relief Cell" adding, forest fire is controlled with the help of this cell.
This strategy was inspired by the fierce forest fire in the summer of 2007 which wiped out approximately 2000 hectares of forest.
At the moment, no deaths have been reported from the Black Forest Fire, though one person has reportedly been missing during the blaze.
Forest Fire were originally discovered by tastemaking blogger Ryan Catbird after he randomly downloaded some of their music on a filesharing site because he liked the band name.
The award-winning forest fire fighting concept car is a future prototype fire truck developed through the joint efforts of Morita Group's technical, development, and design teams.
A sampling of topics: diffusion limited propagation of burning fronts, numerical modelling of 2003 summer forest fire impacts on air quality over Portugal, real time fire front monitoring through smoke with bi-spectral infrared imaging, innovative image geo-referencing tool for decision support in wildfire fighting, optimal timing of wildfire prevention education, and a volatile organic compounds flammability approach for accelerating forest fires.
The last forest fire occurred on Thursday evening in Ghorghiz forest (near Tetouan), ravaging 2.
Summary: Soaring temperatures may hinder efforts to control the huge forest fire that is spreading in Northeast China.
Tokyo, May 31, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - Morita Corporation (headquartered in Sanda, Hyogo and Tokyo and headed by president Masahiro Nakajima), a 100 % subsidiary of Morita Holdings Corporation (headquartered in Osaka and Tokyo, lead by president Masahiro Nakajima, stocks listed on Section1 of TSE/OSE), which develops, manufactures and sells fire fighting trucks, will present a concept car for fighting forest fire at INTERSCHUTZ 2010, the world's largest international trade fair for public safety, which will take place from June 7 toJune 12, 2010 in Leipzig, Germany.
Positions identified for elimination include all 19 firefighters in the Bureau of Forest Fire Control.
Forest Fire is booked to return to Presvis's sire Sakhee this season.
com, remarked that, "There's no evidence that man-made climate change is playing any role whatsoever in the current Western forest fire season.
Deliberately-started forest fires can have devastating consequences and we hope to give young people a taste of what will happen during a 'shout' to a grass or forest fire," said Amy.
ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST -- A forest fire in the wilderness north of Azusa charred 70 acres Saturday, but no injuries were reported, a U.
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