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Synonyms for foreskin

a fold of skin covering the tip of the clitoris

a fold of skin covering the tip of the penis

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The child is placed on the lap of the father, the penis is exposed, the glans is pushed inward as the foreskin is pulled away and then it is quickly cut with the sharp knife.
In cases of small carcinomas exclusively located in the glans with no foreskin involvement, one may choose to remove the foreskin, leaving a 3-mm redundant edge around the sulcus.
org said the male foreskin is important and performs a number of functions, from enhancing sexual pleasure to protecting the mucous membrane of the glans or the head of the penis.
The foreskin cannot usually be pulled back until around the age of five anyway, but in phimosis it does not develop properly and can be painful.
In A Surgical Temptation: The Demonization of the Foreskin and the Rise of Circumcision in Britain, Darby traces the rise and decline of circumcision in the United Kingdom and other Anglophone nations.
Clinical trials in Uganda and Kenya have confirmed South African research into the protective benefits of having the foreskin removed.
But while he was under the knife, his doctor also chose to remove his foreskin to prevent complications.
They examined the foreskin on the rats' penises to determine the onset of puberty.
There you can swim in the same tiled pool that refreshed Jackie Onassis, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe, and can sip a martini on the famous bar stools that Aristotle Onassis had covered in whale foreskin to amuse his guests.
This week's episode, refuting the common American practice of circumcising baby boys, uses footage of the procedure as well as a senior citizen's proud display of his ``restored foreskin,'' and an abundance of phallic props.
Holding no hypocricy sacred, chapters such as "O' Foreskin, Where Art Thou?
That I stitched hymen and foreskin of human to my skin to see self bare, I told him: We will recreate the covenant.
They propose that circumcision reduces the vulnerability of the penis to HPV infection: In uncircumcised men, the inner surface of the foreskin offers a portal of entry for HPV when it is exposed, by way of tiny ulcers and abrasions that occur during intercourse.
Hypospadias, or the arrested development of several parts of the penis, including the urethra, foreskin, and ventral surface, is usually not a topic for public discussion.
Composite cultured skin (CCS) is composed of human skin cells, which are derived from infant foreskin and placed on a porous collagen scaffold.