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Synonyms for foresightedness

the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters

Synonyms for foresightedness

providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future

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Without speculations, with more foresightedness, and, of course, without partisanship.
Speaking to reporters while marking the sixth anniversary of HH the Amir's assumption of power, the minister lauded HH the Amir as a successful leader who enjoys wisdom, foresightedness, experience and ambition for building a modern prosperous Kuwait.
I salute the curators for their courage and foresightedness.
The monarch is loved and appreciated by his people because of his wisdom and foresightedness to meet the needs of citizens and take the country's economy to greater heights.
Khalid Hamad, IIFM Chairman & Executive Director-Banking Supervision, Central Bank of Bahrain, welcomed the Board members and thanked them for their foresightedness and guidance which is instrumental in making IIFM's focus on standardized documentation & products for Islamic Capital & Money Market segment of the industry.
Kautilya Considered Foresightedness as a Critical Requirement for Risk Management: According to Kautilya, the king as well as his advisers should have the 'ability to foresee things'.
True, lots of people are tracking in your direction because they love your foresightedness, but this won't always be automatic.
We have to congratulate Kalmadi on his foresightedness -- he knows exactly whom to keep on his side if he ever bids for the 2020 Olympics.
Job knowledge/technical expertise/domain knowledge Awareness Specific knowledge Leveraging technology Managerial competencies Planning, organizing and foresightedness Quality Business acumen Drive for results Builds collaborative relationships Customer focus People skill competencies Leading others Negotiating Communication Conflict resolution Fostering teamwork Managing change Analytical thinking and decisiveness Innovation Global competencies Global business knowledge Cross-cultural sensitivity Leadership competencies Visioning and strategic thinking Brand building Mentoring and coaching
Fortunately for consumers, the result of distillers' foresightedness has been a wealth of new products in the past two decades that demonstrate their art continues to flourish.
As a company that has always worked very closely with the Business Links, I would like to commend them for their foresightedness for using the expertise of external business advisers.
Vaudeventer hopes to recognize their outstanding sacrifice, determination and foresightedness while expounding upon the Reserve's prestigious history to the next generation of Citizen Airmen.
The Muslim leader also exhibited an admirable sense of foresightedness and tolerance by hiring a large number of Christian translators.