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Synonyms for foresight

Synonyms for foresight

unusual or creative discernment or perception

the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters

Synonyms for foresight

providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future

seeing ahead

References in classic literature ?
If it had been in the power of medicine, or any foresight I could have used, to prevent what has occurred, I should certainly have done so.
22 January 2018 - UK-based solar energy investor Foresight Solar Fund Ltd.
Vendor: Syncline Energy, Foresight Solar Australia JV
British asset manager, Foresight Group announced that construction started on its 3.
These concerns for anticipating and predisposition are functions of strategic foresight, and demand the cultivation of rigorous futures thinking and modeling within current policy practices.
Foresight Energy is placing more coal sales internationally, mainly to Europe and Asia, as it looks to offset a "lackluster" steam coal market in the U.
More than a year after its Deer Run longwall mine in southern Illinois was temporarily sealed to put out a stubborn underground fire or hotspot, Foresight Energy LP may have plans to reopen the mine later this year.
Nilda Perez, President of Foresight Strategies Group announced the re-branding of Aspire 4 Business.
International Resource News-October 7, 2015--ReneSola sells Membury utility scale project to Foresight Solar Fund
Foresight is an important means for reaching these objectives (Martin 2010) as it is "a process by which one comes to a fuller understanding of the forces shaping the long-term future which should be taken into account in policy formulation, planning and decision-making" (Coates 1985).
Abu Dhabi-based systems integrator and subsidiary of Alpha Data Group, Foresight Technology has announced it has been certified as a Huawei Gold Channel Partner.
Readers of this magazine likely agree that the world needs more foresight and futurists.
Offshore drilling and tankers and multipurpose ships form part of the fleet owned by Foresight.
Defining foresight practice as "a systematic, participatory, future intelligence gathering and medium-to-long-term vision building process aimed at present day decisions and mobilizing joint actions" with regards to societal issues involving general science, technology, and innovation policy,Borch (Technical U.
NASDAQ: CRDS) said that Foresight Financial Group, Inc.