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shorten lines in a drawing so as to create an illusion of depth

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And this is a radiant appreciation, a luminous A major cascading around the string orchestra and its front-desk quartet, emphatic scales from the piano affirming the exhilaration before an interlude of contemplation, and then a foreshortened finale (perhaps this structural imbalance was the reason that Britten withdrew the piece from his canon of compositions).
According to the study's lead author, the finding supports initiatives to include more individuals with physical differences in mainstream media - such as Sarah Herron, a contestant on ABC's The Bachelor this season, who was born with a foreshortened left arm.
From foreshortened squares and circles, Kisfler progresses to shaded forms.
Each relief derives from painstaking studies of the foreshortened figure - a classic skill that is rare in today's contemporary scene.
If rich blue flowers were planted there instead, the garden would not appear foreshortened in the same way.
It's an education they used to get through years serving in the Legislature; term limits, however, have foreshortened that on-the-job training.
His first appearance in the Tingle Creek was foreshortened when he crashed into Flagship Uberalles at the fifth fence and sent regular rider Barry Geraghty into orbit.
Whitburn were another frustrated team and, although that was partly due to a foreshortened game, the main cause of their angst was a remarkable last-wicket stand from visitors Horden which could not be broken.
In the first four days it resembled a satellite shadow, though foreshortened and not quite as black.
And, did any of them have a foreshortened life because Oxford NHS decided that treating a very sick 21 year-old was worth it?
The deep porte-cochere is greatly foreshortened and newly illuminated to better articulate the space and reinforce the building's street presence.
Among the more conspicuous and unique differences between the new species and previously described congeners are the foreshortened adult antennae, the bowed instead of bent tarsal claws, the short empodia, the broad and completely setulose gonostylus, and the lamellate terminal segment of the larva.
Many well known proverbs, quotes and expressions have entered out vocabularies in a foreshortened, hence inaccurate, form.
The purpose of requiring full names is to ensure that future generations will be able to identify the deceased where they may not known him by his nickname or foreshortened name," the judge added.