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the part of the seashore between the highwater mark and the low-water mark

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The Planning Order (NI) 1991 provides some protection for sites on the foreshore down to low-water mark (LWM).
Some dedicated foreshore air survey was carried out during the low water period and existing vertical air surveys, black and white, colour and infrared, were studied.
One Neolithic period discovery on the foreshore was that of a large, well-preserved oak logboat (FIGURE 3) dated by radiocarbon determination to 3499-3032 cal BC (GRN-25435).
The stone wheelhouse and tidal tailrace had survived virtually intact underneath foreshore mud and silt.
With the help of some twenty-odd volunteers--who were asked to collect and then identify anything that caught their attention--they systematically scoured the foreshores in the first phase of the Tate Thames Dig, an ambitious project culminating in the exhibition currently on view at the Tate's Art Now room.
The general atmosphere of the project, with its communal and pedagogical aspects, exudes much less pessimism than do recent works: Kids searching for treasures on the foreshores of a river is not such a sinister business.
Environment Minister Albert Jacob said the 2014-15 investment in $1million of foreshore works in South Perth, Belmont and Bayswater was a partnership between State and local governments to significantly improve shoreline conditions while providing major benefits to river health.
stabilising the eroded foreshore and enhancing public access at Garvey Park in Belmont
Environment Minister Albert Jacob has announced $910,000 in funding for foreshore rehabilitation projects throughout the Swan Canning Riverpark.
These projects will improve the enjoyment of the foreshore by addressing risks to public amenities and infrastructure while also providing sound environmental outcomes for the riverpark, he said.
The City of South Perth and the City of Belmont received the biggest grants with $500,000 for river wall replacement near Mends Street Jetty and $200,000 for the second year of erosion mitigation and foreshore stabilisation at Ascot Racecourse.
In Ascot, riverbank grant funding has already contributed to 142m of foreshore restoration, with a limestone revetment built and a replacement footpath completed.