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the part of the seashore between the highwater mark and the low-water mark

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Around half of all foreshore, with jetties and piers.
It is on one of the most prominent areas of the city's foreshore, in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, and it is not just the crass insensitivity of the massing.
Grant projects which received funding in round one include: Ellen Brook endangered native fish habitat enhancement; Bannister Creek and Canning River Regional Park boundary enhancement; Bardon Park environmental restoration works; Astley River Park foreshore restoration; Helena River restoration at north bank; Helena Valley restoration west of Scott Street;Attadale foreshore conservation and restoration of riparian vegetation; and Piesse Gully weed control and revegetation.
A guide price of between PS20,000 to PS25,000 has been put on the freehold of the foreshore, which is defined as the area between high and low water marks.
Tom has been working with Natural England, which already had a lease on the foreshore, since 2012, taking advantage of their Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) and Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) schemes.
Coun Audrey McMillan, vice chairman of the Foreshore Steering Group, said: "South Tyneside's coastline is one of our most important assets.
POLICE, fire and butterfly experts will be at a family fun day being held at the foreshore in Wirral tomorrow.
NORTH Wales Police will use its helicopter to try and catch motorcyclists rough riding on Flint's foreshore.
WALKING upon the cracked canine-stained promenade slabs, undulating in decay, Above, the Stray bereft of care, In tandem, pebbles a foreshore entwine a hundred years of flotsam and man, In lines, the sea defences burnt, broken, unkempt, The face of Redcar once so beautiful now grey, old in its foot worn journey, a traveller in time, on which generations have trodden and enjoyed its once simplicity.
The jury in the trial of three teenagers accused of murdering Swansea sixth former Ben Bellamy will visit the Swansea Bay foreshore this morning where the 17-year-old spent his last hours.
Bordered by a road to the north, the site slopes gently away to the south towards a rocky foreshore and the sea.
Airtricity's offshore wind project proposals have been made possible under a foreshore lease which can provide for more than 520 megawatts of offshore wind power on the Arklow Bank.
Contract notice: Planning services replacement new construction steinhavel, Upper havelwasserstrae (ohw) km 64,300, Including foreshore, A weir, New construction of a fish ladder, Boat towing and zuwegung.
Look at the state of the North Shore beach covered in dirty stones which are coming onto the foreshore - and they are bothered about those lights," she said.
THE South Wales Match Team is at the top of the WFSA East Region Shore League table with an aggregate of 56 match points after finishing third in the fifth and penultimate round at Cardiff foreshore with a score of 345 fish points.