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a tremor preceding an earthquake

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Generally, foreshocks and aftershocks are common with a major earthquake, but in Nepal's case no foreshocks were reported.
3 earthquake that turned out to be a foreshock of the massive magnitude 9.
From 1998 to 2002, NASA's Wind spacecraft traveled through this foreshock region in front of Earth 17 times, providing new information about the physics there.
Instrumental seismicity (1965-1984) has included 284 events, 244 of them related to the 1983 sequence and centred on the Eilat deep in the northern Gulf Recent seismicity (1985-1995) has shown that seismicity in the Gulf of Aqaba has been episodic (Figure 2) An earthquake sequence in July 1993 began with foreshocks, followed by a mainshock (6 0 Md) on August 3rd 1993, and then 403 aftershocks (Md [greater than or equal to] 2.
But today's rumble is but a mild foreshock of a tectonic demographic shift, a jolt that British Author Paul Wallace describes as an "agequake.
when that first tremor struck, a foreshock through which few in the city slept.
That was to be a foreshock of the largest earthquake to hit at 9:09pm local time which was at magnitude 5.
12am on April 18, 1906, the people of California felt the first foreshock of the massive San Francisco earthquake.
ASP and e-service company Foreshock continues its winning streak with the addition of two new clients, BlueKite.
IRVINE) Foreshock Drives E-Service Market to New Heights
On average, there is a 5 percent chance that a small quake such as Wednesday's was a foreshock, a precursor to a larger quake, Sieh said.
Foreshock Clients Named in Red Herring's Top 25 IPOs of 1999 and Forbes' List
Seismologists generally say that if there's a foreshock - a smaller shaker that precedes a quake - that measures at least 5.
Since we don't have enough data on the exact happenings inside the Earth's crust to be more precise, we must resort to working out the odds of one shock being a foreshock of a larger quake or not, based on what's happened before," she added.