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a cut of meat from the upper part of a front leg

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As an indicator of the bone thickness, gains in foreshank circumference of the calves in GW group was significantly higher (P Less than 0.
While Lamb Leg Whole Bone-In outsells other lamb cuts during the holiday period, sales data indicates that there are other cuts with significant sales during the last two weeks of December including:*Lamb Shoulder Blade Chop Bone-In*Lamb Leg Whole Boneless*Lamb Loin Chop Bone-In*Lamb Foreshank Bone-InALB, which is presently working with retailers to merchandise fresh American lamb in order to increase demand among consumers, is offering retailers valuable information on its Web site, such as merchandising tips, seasonal trends, point-of-sale information, nutritious and lamb recipes.
The subprimal cuts include the neck, foreshank, breast/brisket and flank.
Ward's easy method of "peeling off" the lamb foreshanks and quick way of leg-boning are so fast and simple that flockmasters and deer hunters will find the DVDs worth it just for that.
6 1-inch slices suckling veal osso buco, foreshanks