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But most of all, the similarities between Joe's treatment of Harper and Louis' treatment of his grandmother foreshadow the interconnections between the two central couples in the two-play cycle.
The Advance Economic Barometer is designed to foreshadow strengths and weakness in the U.
Perhaps it foreshadows something momentous; his stock market tips were winners earlier this week.
Dee's best known work appeared in 1570, a "Mathematicall Praeface" to Euclid; its conception of natural philosophy is empirical, mathematical and practical, and to that extent it foreshadows the scientific revolution.
The knife he holds in one picture sadly foreshadows his manslaughter conviction many years later.
The Advance Economic Barometer foreshadows real GDP movements by one year.
Future research must address why, for these women, prior trauma apparently foreshadows further trauma, he contends.
This foreshadows a strong turnaround in the tech industry in Idaho, especially since high-tech exports represent 67 percent of all exports from Idaho.
A hair-raising figure of the less than neutral social ramifications of technological progress, Full Disclosure also foreshadows a political reality in the making, a new covenant in which privacy is a brutal exercise in power and self-hood is a technological commodity.
comments that the work foreshadows a future when scientists will understand the mechanical details of biological motility on a molecular level.
Standard & Poor's--Asbestos exposure foreshadows a growing rift between insurers and the reinsurance companies that back them, according to a new report by Standard & Poor's Ratings Services.
The list reflects the activity and performance in the content industry in 2002 and foreshadows growth and success in the year to come.
The Polaroid bankruptcy foreshadows the potential for abuse of the bankruptcy system much as the Cendant and Waste Management accounting scandals foretold the disasters at Enron and WorldCom in 2002.