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The pattern of men deserting loved ones also foreshadows a larger theme within the two-play cycle.
September's slippage represents the sixth consecutive month of decline in the index and foreshadows a significant loss of U.
The Advance Economic Barometer foreshadows real GDP movements by one year.
Patterns of mild electrical disturbance in the brains of epilepsy patients seem to foreshadow a seizure hours before its onset, reports a group of neurobiologists and electrical engineers.
The lighting and staging of the work foreshadow the tragedy effectively, juxtaposing dark, foreboding scenes with light, flirtatious ones.
Notorious for the profound unexpected sway it has had over listeners, the song's lyrics also foreshadow the action shown on screen.
The result will foreshadow continued downward pressure on consumer prices, the headline inflation gauge, as lower wholesale costs filter down into the final price tag.
Chapters are marked by the characters' names and revealing quotes foreshadow each chapter.
The author uses the interesting device of including quotes at the beginning of each chapter that foreshadow events at the end.
Hayes-Bautista said the experience of the predominately Anglo baby boom of the 1950s may foreshadow the current Latino baby boom.
Subtle alterations in brain function may foreshadow the onset of Alzheimer's disease in genetically at-risk middle-aged people, according to a new report.
Although this colorful, well-written story may seem depressing, from the outset clues foreshadow the probable outcome, and the denouement satisfies the moral justice required both by events and the time period.
Features that foreshadow the look of later, "classic" Neandertals appear on the Spanish skulls, the researchers add.
Because of the similarity in circumstances, she and Kikuchi suggest that the 1990 earthquake may foreshadow the larger Odawara quake, expected to measure magnitude 7 or stronger.
The BrandMonitor(R) results foreshadow a changing competitive landscape, with IBM and Fidelity likely to replace them as top market share leaders--if Accenture and ACS remain business as usual.