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Synonyms for foresee

Synonyms for foresee

to know in advance

Synonyms for foresee

realize beforehand

Related Words

picture to oneself

act in advance of

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She foresees the industry's adjustment to the Internet as crucial to the way information and services are provided to clients.
In the future, as information becomes even more readily available, she foresees a need for increasing emphasis on customer service on all levels.
A commissioner at New York City Landmarks Preservatio n Commission, Gerner foresees keeping up with changes in the market and new technologies in construction as the industry's biggest challenges.
She foresees preserving the environment, historic sites and low-rise densities in the face of continuing development to be the industry's biggest challenge.
Heryet foresees staying ahead of the technology curve, both for individuals and real estate service providers, as a leading challenge facing the industry.
A supporter of women entering the real estate business, she foresees an upcoming challenge as keeping current with ever changing technology in a future of smart buildings, smart tenants and smart deals.
Kahn foresees the industry facing the dual challenges of globalization and the Internet in a brave (if smaller) new world.
She foresees the biggest challenge in the retail arena as matching retail playe rs with landlords in terms of affording spaces.
She foresees communication technology as the biggest challenge facing the industry, explaining that "the old axiom of location, location, location just doesn 't matter when you factor in the Internet.
Liebman foresees two big challenges facing the industry in the next five years.
This Harvard College/Columbia School of Law graduate, who loves a challenge, foresees the following for the real estate industry: facing down the twin risks of e-commerce and telecommuting, both of which pose a threat to the historically high valuations we see now.
Pierre foresees the industry's greatest challenge as keeping pace with the rapid changes in technology.
Ruddy foresees creating middle income housing for families that support "the economic engine of this city and are currently unserved by new housing development" as a challenge for the short-term future.
She foresees establishing and monitoring uniform, industry-wide standards in residential management to be a significant challenge facing the industry.
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