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  • verb

Synonyms for foresee

Synonyms for foresee

to know in advance

Synonyms for foresee

realize beforehand

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picture to oneself

act in advance of

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Eaton, Foreseer, Power Xpert, Cutler-Hammer[R], Powerware[R], Durant[R], Heinemann[R], HolecTM, and MEM[R] are registered trademarks of Eaton Corporation.
CA is excited to include Exide Electronics' FORESEER technology in the Unicenter TNG family of solutions.
Exide Electronics' FORESEER foundation management software provides powerful capabilities that extend traditional administration functions monitoring to true infrastructure management.
FORESEER and Unicenter TNG render total monitoring and control of an entire facility.
Foreseer Management System is the ultimate tool for proactively monitoring and managing complete facilities infrastructure equipment.
The Foreseer system greatly extends the ability to connect to different types of equipment and obtain data - providing the highest level of enterprise control and setting new standards for systems availability.
Foreseer proactively monitors and manages multi-vendor technology equipment, including power distribution, environmental and security systems.
After that final against Leeds, Shanks put his arm around me and said: 'Smithy, your Mother must have been one of the greatest foreseers of the world
Teachers are expected to be foreseers of possible risks and injuries.
In addition, with political, economic, and social changes, women who are foreseers, urban residents, intellectuals, and feminists, form gradually the new ideology changing their awareness of female roles (Liu, 2004).