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191) Next, the court reasoned that the foreseeability requirement was easily met.
Another way for a judge to determine if losses are recoverable is to use the Foreseeability Doctrine, which holds that a loss is recoverable if and only if it is reasonably foreseeable (Posner 2011:159).
Cybercrime, Crime Mapping, and Foreseeability Analysis of Crime Events and Human Trafficking Michael Bachmann Associate Professor, Criminal Justice Texas Christian University "Information technologies have become ubiquitous, and we all depend on their correct functioning for almost every aspect of our lives.
84) Thus, a certain amount of contingency as to the result is built into whichever of the three terms is used, although arguably awareness requires a higher degree of certainty than foreseeability or predictability.
This element of foreseeability is implicit in the statute.
The foreseeability of damages is based on the view that "it is unfair to a defendant, and imposes too great a burden, to hold responsible for losses that it could not have reasonably contemplated or foreseen.
The first, expressed by Justice Brennan, suggested that foreseeability of a product causing injury in the forum is sufficient to create the necessary minimum contacts to support personal jurisdiction.
Under this approach, concepts of foreseeability and reliance are combined to limit the professional's liability.
org/press-releases/privacy-international-files-legal-challenge-against-uk-government-over-mass) said : "One of the underlying tenets of law in a democratic society is the accessibility and foreseeability of a law.
108) Maine based its decision not to use the "storm in progress" doctrine on the concept of foreseeability as a necessary guideline for business owners and because its application would contradict Maine's commitment to safety for business customers.
Uncertainty for complex companies is whether and to what extent they can get clear answers in their respective jurisdiction and to the extent they have some degree of foreseeability, which allows them to balance the risk of profit with return.
Kinser: The third approach is called the foreseeability approach.
The Court also examined the use of a reasonable foreseeability test, such as that relied upon by the Supreme Court of Kentucky in its decision finding that the Lexington officers had improperly created an exigency to gain entry into the apartment.
Even better, this kind of discipline bodes well for a future where legal matters can be chunked into discreet projects with a high degree of foreseeability built into the work, allowing the law firm and the client manager to reasonably predict the law firm's internal cost and negotiate an appropriate markup fee, including the additional value added by the attorneys involved.
This elemental approach is consistent with the regulatory definition, but provides an improved emphasis on key aspects of "proximate cause," like the foreseeability of harm, materiality, contribution, and predominance, that are often missed by IOs in part because they are inadequately described or ignored completely by the guides and sources we provide to them.