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Synonyms for foresee

Synonyms for foresee

to know in advance

Synonyms for foresee

realize beforehand

Related Words

picture to oneself

act in advance of

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The new ForeSee Experience Index (FXI): 2017 Banking Report surveyed more than 4,000 US banking customers to examine factors that influence customer experience (CX) with national banks, regional banks, and credit unions.
Upon completion, Ferring will have the right to exercise its option and enter into a definitive agreement with Foresee.
The setup of the Social Collaboration Room by foresee allows users to intuitively work on documents using multi touch gestures and share them with other locations.
A spokesman for British Airways said that ForeSee Results will enable the company to better understand how it can improve worldwide customer loyalty and repeat visits online.
The Foresee PHP is a non-invasive visual field analyser for monitoring age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and early detection of conversion to choroidal neovascularisation (wet AMD or CNV).
ForeSee Results uses the methodology of the University of Michigan's American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) to help online content providers determine which specific Web site elements, such as search or navigation, have the greatest impact on visitors' loyalty.
I foresee CPAs' being fully able to identify the needs of their customers and potential customers.
In fact, 70% of those surveyed foresee a trend among resin producers to serve primarily large-volume customers, leaving lower-volume buyers to distributors or custom compounders.
ForeSee Results today released new research showing that consumers are using mobile phones more than ever for retail purposes.
The Social Media Value Calculation really drills down and quantifies the influence and impact that social media is having on a business, right down to the transaction level," said Larry Freed, President and CEO of ForeSee Results.
ForeSee Results today announced that in its third annual healthcare benchmark, websites for pharmaceuticals and medical products top the list in terms of customer satisfaction.
Industry Benchmarks Show ForeSee Results Clients Have More Satisfied Site Visitors
New Study from ACSI and ForeSee Results Shows Citizen Satisfaction Rebounds to All-Time High
ForeSee Results today announced that it will continue to work with New York & Company to measure online satisfaction with www.
ForeSee Results announced today that Kevin Ertell, vice president of retail strategy, has been named to the Shop.