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59) He thus recalls not only the plagues that precede the deliverance of the chosen from their Egyptian captivity, but the recurrence of those plagues in the events that forerun Armageddon, in which armed locusts whose king is "the angel of the bottomless pit" threaten the saints with war.
Early in the late Moon-tossed night Your face a flash Foreruns the light.
The Forerun ED application runs on the InterSystems Ensemble[R] rapid integration and development platform.
Forerun, an InterSystems application partner, provides integrated clinical support systems, tools, services and devices that enable the clinical team to deliver high quality outcomes, the highest patient satisfaction, at the most efficient cost.
Forerun chose Ensemble as the Forerun ED platform in order to enable seamless integration with hospital-wide applications such as diagnostics, registration, and laboratory systems that provide critical information to ED clinicians.
Forerun ED, developed by leading emergency medicine physicians, delivers a complete and fully integrated view of the ED that is unique in the industry, with instant access to all clinically relevant information.
The Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) is lead investor in the Series B-1 funding, which also includes previous investors and Forerun founders.
Forerun is commercializing clinical tools that were developed over a 7-year period at Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and have proven to help caregivers serve more patients, faster and more safely.
Forerun has implemented the EDDashboard in several hospitals in New England and New York and is now offering the application to healthcare providers throughout the U.
Forerun, an InterSystems application partner, develops and markets integrated clinical support systems, tools, and services that enable providers to deliver high quality outcomes and the highest patient satisfaction at the most efficient cost.
In addition to supporting quality care delivery, the EDDashboard also has a positive effect on each provider's bottom line, according to Ken Wolfe, Forerun CEO.
We are excited about working with Forerun as they deliver this comprehensive, highly anticipated software to EDs nationwide.