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In the first chapter, early research on localization of function in the brain is interspersed with discoveries in physics that made possible the present forerunning imaging technique, MRI.
Relaxed sensibilities seem like a forerunning trend, and Ziggy Savella hopped on, too, but through pajama fashion.
The population rise which she's referring to --an impressive thirty percent increase in four short years--puts India squarely in the forerunning pack of conservation efforts.
cc/DC8T-VHG5 (introducing new Google Glass application SHORE, which is considered one of the forerunning apps in real-time face detections).
The truth is that rightist mantra won't have gotten any audience if there was no forerunning anti-EU sentiment or suspicion about the whole project of the EU.
The government of the state of Baja California, from a systemic perspective, requires a local national plan, which includes national public policies adapted to local needs, decentralizing the programs and policies associated with business support and management by the forerunning sectors of economy and professional callings of the city.
flowing forms, which could be obtained by describing variations over three distinct parameters with geometrical diagrams, thus forerunning Descartes' analytical geometry.
33) Eventually those forerunning insights evolved into a
It is worth noting that other scholars have distinguished Williams as the risk-taking, forerunning rebel among his Inklings cohorts.
Sleep is a great new category to be in, and we're thrilled to be one of the forerunning brands helping establish it in this new and convenient liquid form," says David Lekach.
Since Warrior's call in 1992 (when a first version of "Reading American Indian Intellectual Traditions" was published) for scholars to "[connect] the written creative output of their subjects with those subjects' concomitant specific relationships to Native political, cultural, and social history," on which path he sees William Willard's work on Bonnin as forerunning, an increasing number of scholars are doing just the sort of work for which Warrior called, including Cox, Jane Hafen, and Ruth Spack, to name but three.
Designed to stay as true to its forerunning 100,000-sqaure-foot format as possible, the new store format had a main objective of helping Exito align its stores with a recent brand refresh at the same time as the unveiling of the new upscale compact supermarket.
Hasani had taken for himself the title of al-Yamani, a minor forerunning messianic figure said to oppose the Sufyani in battle.
The fluctuations of stock market prices are chaotic and depend on the values of their immediate forerunning fluctuations.
Though there are certain signals hinting a shift towards the aforementioned direction, nowadays' situation is by no means that grim, or, if one prefers, at least it is not irreversible: in spite of the fact that during the latest presidential tenures neoconservative-inspired unilateralism has imposed itself as the dominant doctrine, not only a return towards international dialogue is due to take place shortly, but signs forerunning it are increasingly visible--let us mention, in this respect, one of the most ambitious projects of foreign policy of the latest years, namely Condoleezza Rice's doctrine of "transformational diplomacy" (13).