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the front half of a side of meat

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The cold left half of the carcasses were separated into the following primary cuts: hindquarter, which was comprehend of the posterior part of the carcass, separated from the forequarter between the fifth and sixth rib and the side at an approximate distance of 20 cm from the vertebral column; forequarter, which was composed of the neck, shoulder, foreleg arm, and five ribs, and side, which was composed of the region of the sixth rib and the abdominal muscles, as showed in Figure 1.
Upon local recurrence 6 months after endoprosthesis implantation, the patient underwent forequarter amputation and died 2 months later.
The training protocol presented in this article is the first of its kind, a detailed example of prosthetic rehabilitative training for individuals receiving a technologically advanced prosthesis after a shoulder disarticulation or forequarter amputation.
Forequarter amputation may leave the patient with a significant functional, cosmetic and psychological loss.
The second half of the first DVD covers the forequarter, also starting with division into primal cuts: Skirt, plate, boneless rib, flat ribs, shank, brisket, shoulder and bone-in chuck.
The left forequarter, left forepaw, and distal portions of some ribs had been partially consumed.
With no rusk or cereal, it features 94 per cent beef from carefully selected forequarter cuts and a secret blend of seasoning.
We would have to do a mastectomy and a forequarter amputation.
Tratamentos Treatments Componentes PA UR FS TA EPM P Components SEM Peso da carcaca 14,86 14,42 15,86 15,86 0,57 0,21 quente, kg Hot carcass weight, kg Rendimento de carcaca 41,94 43,30 43,73 44,64 2,67 0,91 quente, % Hot carcass dressing % Peso de traseiro, kg 4,45 4,11 4,62 4,70 0,27 0,36 Hindquarter weight, kg Peso de dianteiro, kg 3,00 3,02 3,28 3,20 0,24 0,80 Forequarter weight, kg PA = pastagem, UR = ureia, FS = farelo de soja, TA = torta de algodao, EPM = erro-padrao da media, P = probabilidade.
In fact we have always sourced our beef in this way and purchase only whole cuts of forequarter and flank for our burgers.
It was all very charming, of course, if you were roasting forequarter goat sections on the spit as Mikis Theodorakis tunes jangled in the background.
Radical forequarter amputation with hemithoracectomy and free extended forearm flap: technical and physiologic considerations.
The exotic fare on the menu, reproduced right, shows guests feasted on clear oxtail soup, prawns in aspic, York ham, ox tongue, forequarter of lamb and mint sauce - and wine jelly.
2) The common mechanism for these injuries is violent distraction of the entire forequarter from the rest of the body.
ACCORDING to McDonald's, the perfect Big Mac contains: 2x100 per cent forequarter and flank beef patties, 1 sesame seed bun, Big Mac sauce containing water, vegetable oil, gerkhins, sugar, vinegar, modified corn starch & egg yolk, 1 slice of processed cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, 100 per cent dehydrated white onions, and dill pickle slices.