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Synonyms for forepart

the part of someone or something facing the viewer


Synonyms for forepart

the side that is forward or prominent

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The patient was seated on a high chair and the forepart of both feet were placed on the proximal edge of the vibration platform, in this position, the entire body was exposed to vibration but the majority was focused on the feet and lower legs (Figure 1).
They may also raise the forepart of the body off the ground and slide forward with the neck flattened, looking quite cobra-like.
A huge altar, the ascent to which, on three of the sides was by flights of wide steps, occupied the forepart of the courtyard inside the gates of the main entrance--there were five entrances, each with its own gates.
In frenulates and Sclerolinum those regions from anterior to posterior are the forepart, the trunk, and the segmented opisthosome.
In 1896 an explosion destroyed her forepart but she survived and was repaired.
A dead ringer for King Harold, Michelinstarred chef Martin Blunos spends the week conjuring up extraordinary creations, including Cockentrice - made from the forepart of a chicken sewn to the rear of a piglet.
For three selection strategies, the cumulative gain was improved more rapidly in the forepart and then slower in back-part because genetic variance was decreased owing to the increase of inbreeding.
Subsequently, Kolleru was on the forepart of the political parties; on the mottoes of all farmers' organizations and wish list of environmentalists and people at large within the district, state and at national level.
To isolate, for especial coordination, that forepart of the sequence relation to procurement is to assume a divided unity, which does not exist in the process of manufacture.
Ilse was declared a constructive total loss and the aftpart was eventually towed across the Tees where a new forepart was fitted, presumably by Smith's Dock.
This conversion also follows the original in that the bullet seater is maintained and the top of the forepart is notched to hold the ejector rod in place.
What a Knave's this: That's the Bellconey she stands on, that which jets out so on the forepart of the house; every house here has one of 'hem.
A sound example is the selection of a sub-total metatarsectomy instead of a transmetatarsal amputation for treating extensive and unstable scars in the forepart of the sole.