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Synonyms for forepart

the part of someone or something facing the viewer


Synonyms for forepart

the side that is forward or prominent

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A diaphragm (sensu Southward, 1980), which develops later than the first septum cutting off the opisthosome (Norrevang, 1970; Bakke, 1974, 1977; Ivanov, 1975), separates the forepart from the trunk in Frenulata.
So, the corresponding cumulative gain of ABV was improved more rapidly following the increase of annual rate of inbreeding in the forepart.
Ilse was declared a constructive total loss and the aftpart was eventually towed across the Tees where a new forepart was fitted, presumably by Smith's Dock.
This conversion also follows the original in that the bullet seater is maintained and the top of the forepart is notched to hold the ejector rod in place.
What a Knave's this: That's the Bellconey she stands on, that which jets out so on the forepart of the house; every house here has one of 'hem.
A sound example is the selection of a sub-total metatarsectomy instead of a transmetatarsal amputation for treating extensive and unstable scars in the forepart of the sole.
Distinguishing characteristics include three pairs of eyes arranged in a semicircle on the forepart of the head and a violin-shaped, dark marking immediately behind the semicircle of eyes.
Once a potential prey was within reach the snake struck at the frog's head or forepart and held it in its jaws (Fig.
at least the forefront or forepart thereof standing, fronting, and looking towards the street or streetes bee wholly built of brick, or of bricke and stone, or of one, or both of them.
The longitudinal and cross sections from different segments of the nucleus show that the forepart of endonuclear channel is wide, whereas the rear part is narrow (Fig.
On September 26, 1888, the Western Mail reported, 'The beauty of the approach to Cardiff on the Canton side has been enhanced by the erection in front of the Castle of an ornate wall, broken up with a recessed hammered railing of an exquisite design which enables passers-by to obtain a complete view of the grounds lying round the forepart of the Castle.
Outside part of an animal in black-figure, with incised outlines, possibly the forepart of a feline?
at 71 ("In the light of the facts outlined in the forepart of this opinion--the ignorance and illiteracy of the defendants, their youth, the circumstances of public hostility, the imprisonment and the close surveillance of the defendants by the military forces, the fact that their friends and families were all in other states and communication with them necessarily difficult, and above all that they stood in deadly peril of their lives--we think the failure of the trial court to give them reasonable time and opportunity to secure counsel was a clear denial of due process.
Foot flare ratio is "a measure of the deviation of the forepart of the foot with reference to the heel, and affords a useful index of the basic shape of the foot" (Freedman et al.