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Synonyms for forensics

the presentation of an argument or arguments

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scientific tests or techniques used in the investigation of crimes

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Some utilities let you overwrite files multiple times with patterns of ones and zeroes, but computer forensic software may still recover them if the method used isn't strong enough.
What: Popular drama about Las Vegas forensics investigators.
Chapter Four examines the individual forensics program, again a specific subsystem of the overall activity.
SALT LAKE CITY -- Sorenson Forensics today announced that after teaching the principles of lean manufacturing and six sigma process improvements to New York's Monroe County Crime Laboratory DNA Section in August and September 2012, the lab has improved efficiency by 200 percent.
More general conclusions included the realizations that: Nuclear forensics is an essential tool to prevent and respond to acts involving nuclear and other radioactive materials out of regulatory control.
Prism Forensics LLC has the ability to enhance almost any recording regardless of the format or medium including but not limited to cassette tapes, micro-cassettes, digital voice recorders, mobile phones and answering machines, as well as the technology available to remove almost any type of noise making your recording difficult to understand.
Designed to assist digital investigation and forensic professionals in their day-to-day practice, the new journal is designed to be a resource for practitioners of digital investigation, digital forensic science, electronic fraud investigation and cyber crime and cyber terror investigation and analysis.
And, if interest in two 2002 forensic science educational conferences is any indication, forensics will be sticking around in schools for some time.
Moorpark perennially produces the most successful community college teams in the nation, said James Wyman, who heads the college's forensics coaching staff.
Through its Digital Forensics arm, Dell collaborates with global law enforcement agencies to develop forensically sound approaches to handling data throughout the lifecycle -- from confiscation to presentation in court and beyond.
com)-- Against the back drop of increasing cyber crime, data leaks and threats from hostile agents rising among both state and industry, Digital Forensics Magazine is about to publish its sixth issue, which focuses on operational forensics.
New Sorenson Forensics LEAD Database[TM] Designed Specifically for Local Law Enforcement Agencies to Easily Archive, Search and Reference DNA Profiles from Crime Scene Samples
com)-- viaForensics has released an updated version of its free white paper on iPhone Forensics.
Executive Director Tim Kupferschmid to Lead Sorenson Forensics Team on January Mission to West African Nation
com)-- London-based publishing company, TR Media, who produce Digital Forensics Magazine, celebrate their first anniversary on November 1st this year.