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the name that precedes the surname

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8 of January, 1954, which states that "everyone has the right to an established name or to a name acquired according to the law") in conjunction with those of the article 83 of the new Civil Code, allows no other interpretation than the one according to which the surname and forename are just components of a single right: the right to a name (Chelaru, 2012).
Indeed, the government's "Personal Names Act" of 1996 specifically stipulates: "If a forename or family name which the child is to be given is not on the Personal Names Register, then the minister or head of the religious denomination may neither approve it provisionally nor give it to the child at baptism; instead, the matter shall be referred to the Personal Names Committee.
Under-16s are allowed one change of forename and surname.
There are times when the language is stilted, and readers may be irritated by the number of nonstandard forms of names: thus Baronius appears as Baronio, Hroswitha as Rosvita, Amatus of Monte Cassino as Amato, and, most bizarre of all, Roncesvals as Roncisvalle--quite apart from simple errors such as Thomas Beckett (sic) and Wace's long-exploded putative forename Robert.
LLEYTON HEWITTUnfortunately no Welsh connection despite the Australian's forename but seeded one and in form after winning the Stella Artois last week.
Oh, and it also allows people to be searched by Forename.
Adding the word "e" ("and") between his forename and surname, Boetti asserted the division of the self, echoing the strategy of doubling by dividing in half ("raddoppiare dimezzando"), which he demonstrated in purely formal terms in an untitled cut-paper collage of 1973: A rectangle has been cut in half, then one of the resulting halves has been cut in half, and so on.
Which forename is shared by the Duke of York and Prince Harry?
99 P&P Enclose a cheque/postal order made payable to Leisure Time Forename Direct.
Take, for instance, the hapless Paris Brown, aged 17, who, despite a silly forename and even sillier hairstyle, had been destined to become Kent's Youth Police and Crime Commissioner, whatever that might be.
Endeavour focuses on the policeman's early career - and those who've seen the episode Death Is Now My Neighbour (or read the book) will know the series is named after Morse's forename, which he'd mostly hidden from people through embarrassment.
Key Blatter fact of the day: because he is known as Sepp, most people completely forget that his first name is Joseph, which is coincidentally the same forename as that of murderous dictator Stalin.
Midfielder Therry Racon has a forename which is almost the same as French compatriot Thierry Henry, and he scored a goal after 32 minutes which the former Arsenal striking sensation would have been proud of.
What was the forename of Dr Watson, the companion of Sherlock Holmes?