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the mast nearest the bow in vessels with two or more masts

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The steamer grew bigger rapidly, and by-and- by spoke with two flags on her foremast, 'I am coming to your assistance.
He found Decatur and explained that they might be able to bring the frigate safely out of the harbor after all, even without its foremast and with only a skeleton crew.
The foremast topsails still have to be fitted, which will cost a further pounds 40,000.
The flag of danger was then raised atop the mizzenmast; from the foremast, the flag of resignation flew in the face of evil.
The foremast doubled, trebled, quadrupled in size, and the slender guy wires, stretching from the deck to the mast-top, were coated in ice a foot thick.
Come on, admirals; you can't be planning strategy when you're sucking up to the foremast jacks, trying to con them into thinking they're doing the planning.
I ran along the deck to the foremast, to the boom, along the boom and up the aftmast and up to the crow's nest.
Mid-ships was the main hatch and forward of that, almost up to the foremast, the fore hatch was located.
Lookouts were stationed in the crow's nest on the foremast.
The Portuguese caravela redonda carried square rig on its foremast and lateen on the others for trips around Africa to India.
For what seems like 40 days lashed to the foremast, I have been researching and writing the Daily Post & Echo's Tall Ships - The Glory of the Seas supplement to mark this momentous event.
after decapitating a young midshipman by the name of Green, it struck the seven men at the foremast tackle of the first gun forward on the starboard side who were running out after loading, and killed the whole of them by severing them nearly in two.
Note the seaman on the foremast, telescopically raising it after being lowered to pass under bridges (MM005