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Synonyms for forelock

a lock of hair growing (or falling) over the forehead

a lock of a horse's mane that grows forward between the ears


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Even the often-replayed speech Bobby Kennedy gave just minutes before his assassination is accurate, down to the pauses and ``ums'' and the finger- combing of his unruly forelock.
In 1992, for example, investigators found the mutated gene behind Waardenburg's syndrome, a condition characterized by deafness, widely spaced eyes that are sometimes mismatched in color, and a white forelock (SN: 5/2/92, p.
However his daughters shouldn't worry, as dad faces daily punishment for his sins: Looking in the shaving mirror thinking "why, after 40 years in journalism, am I sentenced every day to bow and scrape on all fours, tugging my forelock until my balls squeak, describing in reverential terms a story no-one wants to hear, about people who treat me like a piece of week-old corgi crap".
I think the gist of your correspondent's letter is that I should know my place, tug my forelock and let the nasty party turn us all into plebs, whilst destroying the country.
Whilst it is true that the majority of people may support the monarchy and establishment I, as part of a significant minority, refuse to tug my forelock to my 'betters'.
In Saturday's Examiner, someone took issue with myself and others for touching the forelock to our various parties.
And what sort of independence still leaves the Dukes of Westminster and Sutherland in possession of most of the land, people from a couple of private schools and universities dominating our Civil Service and boardrooms, and saddles us with a First Minister who tugs the forelock to Donald Trump?
Bramble has also had his mane and tail slashed and his stablemate Polly, an Anglo- Arab, has had her forelock and tail cut.
Edward, stout yeoman that he is, has taken to tugging what remains of his forelock and can normally be found of an evening clipping the pubOs croquet lawn with a pair of sterling silver nail scissors.
We've all moved on a bit from the days when we'd touch a forelock at the sniff of Royalty.
He's a tall, gentle man with a gangly, minor-league pitcher's build and a Byronic forelock dangling between shy, restless eyes.
Waardenburg -- has several hallmarks, including widely spaced eyes that are pinched at the inner corners, deafness, light blue or mismatched eye color, fused eyebrows, and a white forelock of hair.
But Osborne's out of touch if he expects families to tug a forelock when workers are an average PS1,600 worse off.
Harvey has a skin condition that is aggravated by flies, but now he cannot swat them away without his tail and forelock.
I CAN only assume that the forelock tugging blind support for both Government and opposition views expressed in the Examiner this week come from fully paid up party members.